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Latest News (February 22, 2004)

test News (February 22, 2004):

On January 14th, 2004 the Metropolitan Planning Commission conducted an interactive open house to gather ideas from citizens regarding beautifying Busch Boulevard from Florida Avenue to 56th Street. Some of the ideas that came out of the workshop were having topiary on the median across from Busch Gardens and having Temple Terrace’s trademark Live Oaks in the median as Busch Boulevard heads into Temple Terrace. Temple Terrace residents also preferred a Mediterranean Revival theme for its bus stops and street lighting. Busch Boulevard is, of course, one of the major gateways to our City so this project ties in well with our Revitalization.

There was a Temple Terrace Community Redevelopment Agency (TTRA) meeting on February 17th, 2004. The two items
on the agenda were the “city’s intent to purchase approximately 2.4 acres of the southeast quadrant” and the schedule for the
Public Charrettes soon to be conducted by Torti Gallas to gain citizen input for the Downtown Revitalization master plan. The additional parcels will be the Parts America, Dollar General, and the U.S. Postal Carriers Annex, all on the 8600 block of 56th
Street. The resolution of “due diligence” for these parcels was unanimously approved at the following City Council meeting.
The CRTT is a strong advocate of the City gaining control of as much of the southeast quadrant as possible before the
Master Plan is created.

The latest schedule for the Public Charrettes, which are tentatively scheduled to be held in the vacant former T.J. Maxx space,
is as follows (quotes are from Torti Gallas’s RFQ to the City of Temple Terrace):

NOTE: All Temple Terrace citizens, Temple Terrace business owners and/or operators, and Temple Terrace landowners are invited to all sessions.

March 16th & 17th Pre-Charrette Analysis


  • March 16th, Tuesday @ 7:00pm, Neal Payton of Torti Gallas and Partners will address City Council at the regular
    Council Meeting
  • Review of existing studies and ordinances
  • Stakeholder identification and input prior to initial meeting and charrette
  • Issues identification
  • Field survey of existing physical conditions and limitations
  • Net/Net analysis of the developable area of Downtown
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Start of Market Analysis (Conduct surveys of relevant active and proposed competitive areas and developments,
    conduct interviews, estimate supply, prepare a demand analysis, and program development)


May 14th Community Kickoff Presentation 7 PM


A Friday evening community visual presentation “designed to create a clearer understanding and awareness of the planning issues
the town faces, Traditional Neighborhood Design concepts, and methods of pedestrian friendly, mixed-use environment in a
manner that improves the quality of life for the majority of residents using the Downtown Area.”

May 15th Charrette (Hands-On Design Session) 9 AM – 9 PM


Idea Sharing. “Citizens will work side by side with the Torti Gallas Team in small groups to formulate their goals and mark them
down on maps, and then reassemble to present their ideas and maps to the larger gathering.” “This first day will focus the development of the Long-range Strategic Vision for Downtown.”

June 14th Charrette (On-Site Design Studio) 3PM to 9PM, Presentation at 7PM

June 15th to 18th Charrette (On-Site Design Studio) 9AM to 9PM

June 19th Charrette Summary Presentation 11AM

The purpose of the Charrette is to develop a more refined Master Plan, refine the ideas of the citizenry into a synthesized vision,
and familiarize the citizenry with the tools of good urban design and gain an appreciation of long-range thinking. “The process is
open to the public and informal drop-ins as well as organized feedback is encouraged. This is not a passive process for
participants, but an active one. They will be encouraged to pick-up a pencil and draw, or alternatively, allow the Torti Gallas
team to be their pencils as they describe their vision. The method is a fast-paced, satisfying way to work; feedback comes quickly as the goals are explored, options and scenarios are tested for workability, and existing conditions are ground-checked.”

The final Master Plan document created by Torti Gallas will include a Summary of Market Analysis, Illustrative Drawings, Architecture, Landscape, and Urban Design Codes, Implementation Agenda and Timetable, Cost Estimates, Targeted
Development Incentives, Recommendations for Parking Traffic and Transportation Management, and Proposed Work Plan
and Recommended Actions. We’ll discuss what happens after the Charrette in subsequent CRTT updates.

STAR and CRTT members Jeanne O’Neil and Ken Devane have been conducting informal Pre-Charrette get togethers.
The meetings consist of discussions on the upcoming Charrette process and our city’s New Urbanist direction. They are
intended to gather neighborhood ideas and concerns for the Downtown Revitalization and will be submitted to our planner
Torti Gallas.

One of the worries I’ve heard from citizens is the prospect of the planner creating a New Urbanist Master Plan that is
unbuildable. In reference to this thought I only have to point out the more than 200 New Urbanist projects that are currently
being built in the United States, eighty of those in Florida alone. Florida has more New Urbanist developments than any other
state and New Urbanist project construction “starts” continue to soar. Our town planner is among the very best and the
Marketing Analysis they conduct will allow them to construct a viable Master Plan.

Lastly, members of the CRTT have been talking to the CRA Director and Town Planner about what Pre-Charrette information will be distributed to the citizenry in preparation for the Charrettes in June. Many towns utilize a company in Gaithersburg, Maryland called The Town Paper to print their Pre-Charrette informational newspapers. These 8 to 12 page newspapers are full of informative articles about the Charrette and New Urbanism. The articles are especially concise, easy-to-read and could be used in conjunction with other CRTT-created flyers. The city has decided to go ahead with a customized version of the Pre-Charrette informational newspaper that will be distributed in April with the Temple Terrace telephone books by the Women’s Club and then again to households prior to the Charrette.

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