Latest News February 24, 2003

February 24, 2003: The City of Temple Terrace held a public Town Meeting atttended by many citizens. The tone of the Town Meeting was generally positive with the majority of citizen comments addressing our city’s number one priority: the Revitalization of our Downtown. Worth Williams emphasized the need to move the Post Office to a place with easier access and egress. (Note: This has been an agenda item for CRTT since we formed a subcommittee in 2001, and CRTT member Richard Bowers has offered to help achieve this goal along with Worth Williams, George Fee and others).

Matt Shannon presented his list of action items pertaining to the redevelopment, and revealed a new possibility for a bed-and breakfast in the redevelopment area. Shannon also answered questions from the audience. Patrick Finelli emphasized the importance of citizen involvement in the charrette process. Many residents voiced their concerns.

Mayor Barford reminded the audience that the city has solved the trash collection problem, and it has been “put to rest.” Each member of the City Council spoke with enthusiastic support for the revitalization efforts.

One citizen complained about skateboarders on his property, and suggested the creation of a city skateboard park. Another resident complained about cars parking on both sides in areas with narrow streets and limiting passage for emergency vehicles.

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