Latest News (September 20, 2003):

At the Thursday, August 21st meeting of the City of Temple Terrace Strategic Teamwork and Redevelopment Committee (STAR) the following two motions were unanimously passed regarding recommendations to the Temple Terrace Redevelopment Agency (TTRA, which consists of the Mayor, City Council and City Manager) regarding our Downtown Revitalization:

  • STAR supported the recent actions of the Temple Terrace Redevelopment Agency (TTRA) at their July 31st Council Meeting with regard to the out parcels and other properties south of Chicago Avenue and within the Southeast Quadrant Revitalization area.
  • STAR recommended to the TTRA that City Staff investigate the intention of Doral Oaks Apartments (105 Sunnyside Road) regarding condominium conversion.

Both of these motions were passed unanimously by the TTRA at their September 3rd Meeting.

On Thursday, August 28th, the City of Temple Terrace Town Planner Selection Advisory Committee (SAC) listened to the presentations of two of the final candidates for Town Planner: Dover, Kohl & Partners of Coral Gables, Florida and Torti Gallas and Partners of Silver Spring, Maryland. After the presentations the SAC ranked Dover, Kohl & Partners first, the TTRA subsequently accepted that recommendation at their September 3rd Meeting.

Dover, Kohl & Partners is an excellent, respected Town Planning firm that specializes in master plans and illustrated codes for neighborhood redevelopment and traditional town planning. They are nationally recognized as leading experts in the art of the Public Charrette and the New Urbanism. City Staff is currently negotiating a contract with the firm and expect to have a contract for approval by the TTRA. in two to four weeks.

At the Wednesday, September 3rd, Temple Terrace Redevelopment Agency (TTRA) meeting, in addition to passing the STAR motions and deciding on the leading Town Planner, the TTRA approved the contract for Grubb & Ellis Co. of Tampa to be our property manager for the Kash n’ Karry Plaza parcel.

Lastly, on Tuesday, September 16th the Temple Terrace Redevelopment Agency (TTRA) met again and discussed the following items:

  • Terrace Plaza owners Charles Bickimer and Ray Bichimer would be willing to accept the City’s latest purchase offer of $7.5 million but they reject the burdensome stipulations placed on the contract. Those stipulations include the insertion of clauses in the contract that make the Bickimer’s responsible for any existing property owner claims, closing costs, and related fees. The TTRA subsequently directed noted Eminent Domain expert and City Attorney Ted Taub to continue negotiating with the Bickimer/Bichimer brothers in an effort to avoid the potentially costly and complicated Eminent Domain scenario.
  • City Manager Kim Leinbach mentioned that a new TTRA Director Selection Committee had been created to assist him in reviewing the TTRA Director resumes and that interviews of the short list candidates for the position will begin in October.
  • In an effort to provide the Town Planner with as large a “clean slate” as possible, the City is moving forward with the property appraisals for the three northern out-parcels: Beacon Plaza, Regions Bank, and the Chevron gas station. As we have mentioned before, our opinion is that all SE Quadrant Revitalization property acquisition should be completed before the Town Planner conducts our public charrette with the citizenry to create the Master Plan, although there are others who feel the project might best be completed in phases.

No mention was made of either the U.S. Postal Carriers Annex/Parts America parcels or City staff’s research into Doral Oaks possible condominium conversion.

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