Latest News (July 19, 2005)

John Stainback, founder and managing partner of the nationally renowned consulting firm SPPRE (Stainback Public Private Real Estate), has submitted his report titled:

A New Town Center, Temple Terrace, Florida: Evaluation of the Proposal Submitted by Unicorp in Response to the City’s RFP

The report includes a a 125 line-item evaluation of the Unicorp proposal and a comprehensive analysis of the Developer Pro Forma submitted on July 14. When you read page 9, please be sure to note the following statement in response to the questions raised by TCC and LNR:

“Based on SPPRE’s extensive experience in public/private partnerships, we believe that the Town Center Redevelopment project is viable, is attractive to the development community, and will generate non-tax income and tax revenue for the City thereby minimizing City investment and managing risk.”

Read the entire report here: SPPRE Evaluation

Please remember to
VOTE YES on the referendum August 2. YES means you support the revitalization of our downtown area. It will demonstrate clear endorsement of the City’s commitment to do our share as partners in our new mixed-use downtown. It is NOT a vote for any particular developer partner. Selection of a developer is ongoing and the citizens have a strong voice in the decision-making process. We are prudent, careful and wise in handling these matters. We will not make a hasty decision without careful analysis of the implications. The future of Temple Terrace is at stake.

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