Links to relevant sites for Peleliu, the USMC, the OSS and the UDT-Seal Association:

Search for Missing WWII UDT Members in Palau

U.S. Marine Corps in WWII (contains sources and reunion information)

1st Marine Division Association

USMC History and Museums Division

United States Navy Argus Unit Historical Group (OSS) (Note: while going through my father’s books, we discovered an ARGUS 14 stamp inside the cover of Shakespeare’s Collected Works. He had also written a list of his deployment locations including Ulithi and Falalop that matches these dates)

Eric Mailander’s Peleliu Explorations

A Guide to Military History Resources

How to Obtain Military Records

Marines Direct

Michael A. Lazaro Peleliu Tribute (Veterans Remember)

Palau War Photographs from U.S. National Archives

Peleliu (Mike Kier’s tribute website)

Peleliu, Brothers in Battle (Sue Donnelly’s tribute website)

Peleliu Timeline and Battle Map

“Soldier with a camera” (Peleliu photos, PFC Charlie Allen Stone, 81st Wildcats)

UDT-SEAL Association


USMC Mail Call

U. S. Navy Seabees

South Pacific Images (sketches drawn on Peleliu by David F. Driesbach)